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Portfolio: Branding


studio T brings its bold design to overall branding, logo design, web sites and digital media, identity color palettes, font palettes, colaterall materials, signage, on-site design, T-shirts, and other applications.

New logo


Top video and post-production company in the East Coast, active since 1933.

studio T replaced the generic 1980s geometric logo with a reboot of the original 1933 exquisite logo, still used to this day. It married its past and present. Then, studio T applied the rebranding to all the company’s applications: digital media, brochures, film boxes, T‑shirts, signage.

Original 1933 logo
DuArt Van 1980s
1980s geometric logo

TV411 / ALMA

Adult Literacy Media Alliance

TV 411

Branding of the most important adult literacy progam in conjunction with PBS and Ford Foundation. studio T designed all the logos plus all educational materials accompanying the highly successful television series. The kits included bilingual materials as well.


Business Identity

Branding and logo design for businesses, entrepreneurs, and high-end professionals.

Rev. Victoria Maghrak business card
Weibel Design Sandra Kilpatrick Jordan Consulting business card

Swanking Lobster Branding
DJ Michael Loria

Event Branding

Branding, logo design, and collateral materials for entertainment companies, such as disc-jockey DJ Loria (Logo design and complete event design).

Whip It! Invite
Whip It! Icons

On Site Design & Web Design

studio T designed logo, identity and style to be applied to web site, menus, vehicle design, building on-site design, and letterhead.

Bite Truck logo

Bite Truck
Gourmet Food with Attitude

Bite Truck
Bite Truck website

Valley Cottage Animal Hospital

Valley Cottage Animal Hospital logo
Valley Cottage Animal Hospital website

Valley Cottage Animal Hospital
Valley Cottage Animal Hospital brochure