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Work: Multimedia & Marketing

The Global Integrity – Anti-Corruption Evidence Program (GI-ACE)

The Global Integrity – Anti-Corruption Evidence Program (GI-ACE) is an international group that promotes research projects around the world generating actionable evidence that policymakers, practitioners, and advocates can use to design and implement more effective anti-corruption initiatives. r.studio.t designed the 2022 Annual Report, a 32-page publication available both online and in print, plus other collateral materials like PowerPoint presentation, banners, and digital campaigns.

The Global Integrity – Anti-Corruption Evidence Program - Annual Report 1 The Global Integrity – Anti-Corruption Evidence Program - Annual Report 2
The Global Integrity – Anti-Corruption Evidence Program - Annual Report 4 The Global Integrity – Anti-Corruption Evidence Program - Annual Report

Solutions Journalism Network

Design, layouts, print and eBook coordination for a series of publications for Solutions Journalism Network, a US nonprofit organization with the mission to spread and legitimize the practice of solutions journalism. Topics include climate change, democracy, project management, partnership. The LMP initiative, in particular, establishes solutions-based news collaboratives in local media ecosystems, emphasizing inclusivity in coverage and community engagement.

Solutions Journalism Network - Gathering Toward Solutions Solutions Journalism Network - Visuals
Solutions Journalism Network - Instagram Solutions Journalism Network - Instagram

SJN Project Management 1 SJN - Elevating Democracy Reporting SJN CDR Primer Tips
SJN Project Management 2 SJN Project Management 2

Music Performance Trust Fund

Design, layouts, print and digital coordination of a multimedia (print, pdf, social media) brochure for the MPTF, a 75-year old trust based in New York City and funded via a royalty stream from Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and the Warner Music Group. The MPTF today presents thousands of live, admission-free musical programs annually in the United States and Canada.

Music Performance Trust Fund 1
Music Performance Trust Fund 2

Music Performance Trust Fund 3
Music Performance Trust Fund 4

Girl Scouts of America

Girl Scouts Of America (GSUSA)

Concept, design and art direction of marketing brochures for GSUSA on assorted topics: Girl Scouts and financial literacy, anti-violence education, girl scouts behind bars, etc. Bilingual editions as well.

Girl Scouts of America

NAMM  Music Education Kit

NAMM: Music Education

Concept, complete design, translation into Spanish, photo research and branding adaptations to NAMM markets. Multi-media kits for music education include: brochures, bilingual guides, CD with multiple interactive files (all bilingual) as well as all the collateral educational material. r.studio.t was responsible for all aspects of the work, from initial concept to final printing and fulfillment.

NAMM brochure Before and After
NAMM: Music Education
Fortune Magazine Diversity Guide

Fortune Magazine

Diversity and MBA Guides

Cover design plus interior layouts for numerous Diversity Guides and MBA Guides that Fortune Magazine circulated among colleges and corporate circles.

Fortune Magazine: ABCs of Diversity
Fortune Magazine: MBA Advisor
Fortune Magazine: MBA Advisor



Concept, design and art direction for all adult literacy print materials for TV411: Tune In to Learning, a PBS series broadcast across the country. Interactive material includes multi-media educational kits, newsletter, branding and marketing materials and all TV-tie-in workshop guides.

r.studio.t worked as sub-contractors in conjunction with the Ford Foundation, Bank of America, the Department of Justice, and the National Science Foundation.