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The Last Suppers are not tableau vivants or whimsical reconstructions of a work of art. The project was born as spontaneous proposals where 13 friends or strangers were given roles as Jesus and the 12 apostles. The selection was either at random (by lottery) or by assignment. The shots are taken in groups of 3’s — as Leonardo cleverly conceived it in his famous fresco in Milan — and are later recomposed in Photoshop with poignant backgrounds.

Last Supper in La Mesa Last Supper H Hodgkins Last Supper in Williamsburg The Last Passover


Brief History of Opera is a collection of 36 postcards that evoke favorite operas through visual and sometimes surreal imagery. Although it was initially a publishing project, they were exhibited as large size prints at the Argentine Consulate of New York. The selection is eclectic — like my taste in opera: from Maurice Ravel’s L’Enfant et les Sortilèges to Jacques Demy’s Umbrellas of Cherbourg, a movie with entire sung dialog.

Brief History of Opera: Orfeo d Euridice Brief History of Opera: Bluebeard Brief History of Opera: Carousel Brief History of Opera: Dialogues Brief History of Opera: Frau Ohne Schatten Brief History of Opera: Eugene Onegin Brief History of Opera: Fidelio Brief History of Opera: Harpo Interlude Brief History of Opera: Ravel L' Enfant Brief History of Opera: Salome Brief History of Opera: William Tell


Graphic design is my profession, music my passion. Musical Interludes is a collection of 48 postcards on music and music language. It was my crash course in Photoshop. It was also when I discovered the importance of “happy accidents.”

Chopin Hotel Hotel Electra Schubert Apartments Musica & Mente Three Men Three Gymnopedies John Travolta Silencio John Cage Bauen Hotel Schubert Schumann No Que Sino Comos Bleeker & Charles


I hold a Masters in Art History. In Classics Revisited I recreate famous works of art (sculptures, paintings, or drawings) in various ways. Some of the themes: The Three Graces Needing Head,, Battle of Cascina (in progress, based on Michelangelo’s aborted fresco for the Palazzo Vecchio), Apollo & Daphne (a propos Bernini’s sculpture at the Farnese Palace), Two TorsoS, (a reflection on the Belvedere Torso excavated in Rome in 1500 and revered by Renaissance artists).

3 Graces Needing Head 1 3 Graces Needing Head 2 3 Graces Needing Head 3 Battle of Cascina (in progress 2021) Apollo & Daphne Salvator Mundi Mozzarella Two TorsoS 1 Two TorsoS 2